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For Administrative Assistants

Have you noticed that the support you provide to some individuals is spot-on, but the same approach seems all wrong for others? How can it be that some people on the team you support respond positively to your communication style, but you have difficulty connecting with others?

Don’t be discouraged! Research going back to the Greek philosopher Hippocrates indicates that individuals have different expectations, needs, strengths, values, motivations, and perspectives. Through True Colors, discover the keys to effectively and efficiently bridge those differences and gain an appreciation for the strengths of your style and the styles of those you support.

For Businesses

When you know what your core values and needs are, and feel good about them, you can perform at your highest potential. And, when you share a working, natural understanding of others’ core values and needs, you have the basis to communicate, motivate, and achieve common goals.

Improve your workplace culture, employee retention, customer service, and client satisfaction by training all levels of employees—from executives and managers to front-line staff—to recognize their greatest strengths and the strengths and needs of others.

For Educational Institutions

True Colors programs improve schools by educating administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents to recognize their greatest strengths and create unity.

For example, True Colors helps blend educators’ natural teaching styles with the natural learning styles of their students. Individualized teaching strategies, lesson plans, and relational skills are encouraged. And, when educators improve their skills as advisors, counselors, consultants, and troubleshooters, they achieve a greater level of student success.

True Colors also helps increase self-confidence, pride, dignity, respect, and sense of worthiness in every teaching situation. Most important, it facilitates achievement of common goals by everyone in the education community.

For Government Organizations

In an era of budget cutbacks and increased demands for services, government employees are often stressed and experiencing instability in an environment that is usually stable. Why is this paradigm shift easy for some to adapt to and incredibly challenging for others? Why do some constituents or team members find communications crystal clear while others find them ineffective?

True Colors provides the keys to help you support team members and constituents, build rapport, and bridge gaps that may occur in communication when our preferred style doesn’t match that of our colleagues, employees, supervisors or constituents.

For Health Care Organizations

Patient care demands can bring numerous opportunities for stress and frustration. Combine those challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes, and snarled lines of communication, and it can become virtually impossible to deliver excellence.

When team cohesiveness improves through relationship-building, effective communication, and respect, satisfaction levels increase—and so does the quality of patient care. The desired business outcomes of increased market share and profitability follow.

For Nonprofit Organizations

How can individuals with different needs, strengths, values, motivations, and perspectives come together to accomplish a major goal that promotes the organization’s mission in an effective, efficient manner?

Nonprofit organizations have found the answer by using True Colors to understand, appreciate and celebrate these differences. True Colors helps foster positive, healthy, productive personal development. It also improves communication, teambuilding, leadership, morale and conflict resolution skills both internal and external to the organization.

Overall Benefits

Over 500,000 people annually are being educated in the benefits of True Colors.

The True Colors model:

  • Helps us understand our own uniqueness, strengths, and personal potential;

  • Enables us to recognize and encourage the potential in others;

  • Teaches us to bridge gaps in communication that can otherwise result from different personality types, leading to greater respect and understanding; and

  • Opens the door to becoming a successful team member and developing more productive working relationships with colleagues, supervisors, and customers.